Dental Curing Light LED Super Power

Dental Curing Light LED Super Power

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Dental Curing Light LED Super Power

New revolution in the highest level of digital LED performance for the curing light history. This item is the best performance LED Curing Light wireless.

1. Cordless, rechargeable gun type curing light
2. 4 Curing Modes- Turbo, Slow-start, Pulse and Normal mode
3. Available for 2 second curing with Turbo mode
4. 8mm wide guide tip for wide area curing
5. Only 2 hours charge for 360 times curing
6. Li-ion battery with long lifetime and no memory effect
7. Power indicator set in charge

  • Details

    Output intensity 1,000 ~ 2,800mW/cm2
    Transformer input - AC 100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
    Transformer output - DC 9V
    Wavelength - 440 ~ 490mm
    Most powerful & fastest reach upto 2800mW
    LCD display with 6 buttons

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