Dental Bone Expander Kit

Dental Bone Expander Kit

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    Dental Bone Expander Kit

    Dental Bone Expanders Complete Kit for Dental Professionals.
    Surgical kit is consist of following parts
    Ratchet Wrench, Pilot Drill Diameter 1.3, Adapter for Engine, Adapter for Wrench, Hand Wrench
    Six Expanders (1.0 ~ 2.3), (1.4 ~ 2.7), (1.8 ~ 3.1), (2.2 ~ 3.5), (3.0 ~ 4.3), (3.8 ~ 5.1)

    Dental Bone Surgery Expand Compressor Kit
    Dental Professionals can proceed bone surgery
    before the implant surgery or reconstructive
    bone surgery.
    Expansor / compresor de huesos dentales
    الأسنان العظام المتوسع / ضاغط
    Dental Knochen Expander / Kompressor
    Οδοντιατρική Bone Expander / συμπιεστή
    चिकित्सकीय हड्डी विस्तारक / कंप्रेसर
    Expansor / compressor de osso dental
    Стоматологическая Кость экспандер / компрессор

    Easy to mount on your handpiece & wrench
    It included engine adapter to make tools useful

    Oral surgeon, Periodontist, Prosthodontist,
    Endodontist, GP with advanced skill


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