Dental Implants Manufacturers

Dental Implants Manufacturers List


Dental Implant Manufacturers List

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Dental implant manufacturer list around the world.

All companies on the list are more than 10 years of experience and practice.

If a brand name is not on the list, they are considered less than 10 years of establishment, OEM manufacturers or white labelling companies.

If you are a manufacturer, please contact us for any updates.







  • Alliance Global Technology

  • Altiva corporation, USA

  • AS Technology, Brazil

  • Atoll Implant, France

  • Avinent, Spain


  • B & W Implant System, Argentina

  • Biaggini, Italy

  • Biocomp Industries, Netherland



  • Biodenta, Swiss

  • Biomain, Sweden

  • BIO MICRON, Romania

  • Bionnovation, Brazil

  • Biost, Italy

  • Biotec, Italy

  • Brainbase, Japan

  • Branemark, Sweden

  • Bredent Implant GmbH, Germany





  • Dentack, Israel         Changed the business name to Pyramidion Implant



  • Dentis, South Korea

  • Dentium, South Korea

  • Dicoaimplants, USA

  • Dio, South Korea

  • Dentoflex Comercio e Industria de Materiais Odontologicos, Brazil


E - H

  • Eckermann Laboratorium, Spain




  • Global Dental Corporation, USA


I. - K.

  • Implacil, Brazil


  • Implant VEL, Argentina


  • IMTEC Corporation, USA



  • Interdental S.R.L, Italia


  • International Defcon Group, Spain


  • IFK, Japan

  • jmp dental GmbH, Germany


L. - N.








  • Neobiotech Comp. Ltd. Korea


O. - P.

  • OEM Dental Implants, Netherlands




  • o.m.t, Germany


  • Oral implant S.r.l, Italia



  • Osfix, Finland


  • Osstem Comp. Ltd, Korea


  • Osteo-Ti, United Kingdom



  • PACE™ Dental Technologies, Inc., USA


  • Paraplant 2000, Germany


  • Park Dental Research Corp., USA


  • Pedrazzini Dental Technologie, Germany


  • PHI srl, Italia

Q. - S.


  • Qualibond Implantat GmbH, Germany


  • Reuters Systems GmbH, Germany


  • RT Medical Research &Technologies, Italia


  • Sargon Enterprises Inc., USA


  • Schrauben-Implantat-Systeme GmbH, Germany


  • Schutz-Dental, Germany


  • SERF, France








T. - Z.

  • T.B.R Group, France


  • Tenax Dental Implant Systems, Canada






  • Tixxit GmbH, Germany



  • Victory-med GmbH, Germany




  • ZL-Microdent-Attachment GmbH & Co. KG , Germany