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Dental X-ray Machine - DIOX

Dental X-ray Machine Diox
Dental X-ray Machine Diox
Dental X-ray Machine Diox
Dental X-ray Machine Diox
Dental X-ray Machine Diox
Dental X-ray Machine Diox
Dental X-ray Machine Diox
Dental X-ray Machine Diox
Dental X-ray Machine Diox

Dental Portable Handheld Wireless X-ray Unit

Dental Portable X-ray is very handy and light weight (Only 1.8kg) Professionals can move around and easy to take patient's x-ray. 

Dental Portable xray generator is recommended to many professionals such as Dentist, Medical Doctor, Nurse, Veterinary, Police, Border officer, Construction Inspector, Military, Tactical Unit, etc. Widely used in many different professional areas.


Advanced Technology with 0% Radiation Leak. Safety First Unit! (FDA, ISO, CE, KFDA Approved) High internatinoal safety standard 

It is very important to have a high tech unit with 0% risk. There are many different portable x-ray units around the world. Mostly clone of this item.

They are even look similar or look alike. You need to check their Certificates and spec check for your and your patient's safety. This item has approval

from the most trusted organizations. Remember that you are operating radiation unit. Always make sure it is safe.


Specification Generates Right Amount of Radiation and Clear Shot for the x-ray

     - X-Ray Tube Voltage - 60kV

     - X-Ray Tube Current - 2mA

     - Anode Type - Stationary

     - Anode Angle - 20'

     - Focal Spot - 0.8mm

     - Heat Capacity - 8.5Khu

     - Exposure Time Set - 0.01~1.60 sec

     - Total Filtration 2.8mm Al

     - SSD 100mm/200mm(Long Cone)

     - Total Weight 1.8kg

     - Dimension 135w 150d 175h mm

     - Power Battery - DC 24V

     - Charger - AC 100~240V


Dental Poratable x-ray Unit is FDA approved  Made in Korea. 
One of the best Portable x-ray unit is made by Korean technology and manufacturered by Korean pros. 

Dental Implants Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Scaler Portable X-ray Sensor ultrasonic motor 

1. Main unit with LCD screen 
2. Long cone(optional $200) and Short cone  
3. Adapter 110v ~ 240v, 50~60hz 
4. Manual, CD(Software included) Warranty card 
5. Padded carry hard case (optional $100) very handy 
6. Back splash shield round shaped (optional$100) 
7. Surgery power level 60kV, 2mA 
8. Fast EMS with tracking number 5 ~7 Business days (included) 
9. Direct ship from factory triple quality check by manufacturer and seller. 
10. 1 Year warranty (included)


Free shipping with tracking number. Worldwide EMS shipping.

We do not accept return or refund item. More than 100k items sold around the world.

Buy it with confidence.

Triple quality assurance is guaranteed before we ship to you. 
Factory direct shipping from South Korea with tracking number 
Local customs are buyer side.


Advantages of Handheld Radiography for Dental, Vet, Lab Professionals


-Stay with patient during X-ray procedures
-Take radiograph shot twice as fast as with conventional X-ray systems
-Reduce number of retakes by up to 50 percent, much better positioning compare to wall mount
-Move around handheld X-ray devices from room to room, eliminating need for multiple units
-Carry anywhere – home-health, humanitarian, and out-of-office, locum, hospital use


Dental Portable, handheld, wireless X-ray device provides high quality image with faster results, easier-to-get dental angles, ideal for small animal limbs and extremities and more profit for the practice without facility remodeling.


Without cords(wire), tables or rolling stands, the battery-operated handheld portable x-ray machine gives you the ability to take the X-ray to the patient, not the patient to the X-ray generator.

Save Time


No more waiting for the X-ray generator room to become available. Now you can take X-rays where the patient is located because every table in your practice is an now X-ray exam table.


Dental portable handheld X-ray generator requires no installation to accommodate and works right out of the box. Just charge the battery, point and shoot!


Save Space

Dental handheld unit does not require wall mounting, a rolling tripod, special room or remodeling.


Dental portable xra unit weighs only 1.8 kg and is very user-friendly.

Improve Medical Care

The high-quality radiographic images & digital images produced by dental portable xray eXaminer will help you reach faster diagnostic times, allowing you to treat more patients more accurately and faster.
Dental handheld x-ray device is compatible with all film and digital X-ray sensors - SIEMEN, GE, Suni, Dexis, Gendex, Schick, Sirona, Genoray, 



Reduce procedural times and patient discomfort while maintaining a sterile environment with this incredibly convenient handheld and wireless X-ray device.

The portability and simple point and shoot design reaches all angles without having to move heavy and sedated patients.


Dental Portabl