Dental Portable X-ray Diox

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Dental Portable X-ray Diox

Handheld type light weight unit
0% Leak radiation level
widely used for Dentistry, Hospital
Police, Customs, Airport security
E.O.D Military Tactical Units
1y Warranty guarantee

Free Ship by EMS 5 TO 7 Business Days
Long cone beam, case, shield are not included - optional

Dental Portable Wireless Mobile Handheld X-ray Machine Unit Kit Set
Dental xray Animal Hospital VET LAB science
  • Details

    Tube Voltage: 60KV
    Tube Current: 2mA
    Anode Type: Stationary
    Anode Angle: 20'
    Focal Spot: 0.8mm
    Heat Capacity: 8.5
    Exposure Setting: 0.01~1.60sec
    Total Filtration: 2.8mm AI
    SSD: 100/200mm
    Total Weight: 1.8KG
    Dimension: 135(W)X150(D)X175(H)
    Battery: DC 24V
    Charger: AC 100~240V

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