Dental X-ray Machine



Product description:


Rayme is wiress portable X-ray with high-frequency circuit of inverter type, has a great reduction of radiation dose by up to 30% than existing X-ray systems, more compact and convenience for dentist and patient. Rayme has been so developed as to not only take radiographs in analogue was using conventional film, also be used in RVG digital sensor as well.



• Name : Rayme

• Item Classification : 2, Code: A11110 (in Korea)

• Grade : Class Ⅱb (MDD 93/42/EEC as amended by 2007/47/EC)

• Classification : B Type applied part

• Tube Voltage : 70kV(fixed)

• Tube Current : 1mA(fixed)

• X-Ray Tube type : Bipolar fixied X-ray tube

• X-Ray Tube model : DG-073B-DC

• X-Ray Tube Focal Size : 0.3*0.3mm

• Cooling system : Oil cooling

• Total filtration : 1.6 mm Al

(Inherent filtration : 0.8mm, fixed added filter :0.7 mm Aluminum)

• Target angle : 21

• Time Set-up function : 0.10 ~ 1.80 sec

 Source to image receptor distance : >10cm (fixed by cone)

X-ray field : 50 mm (round-style)

• Size of main body : 139(W) x 163(H) x 66.5mm(D)

• Weight of body : About 1.8 kg (except the battery pack)

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