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Skylight LED Curing Light Turbo

2800mW only in 2 second

Wireless superpower performance

dental led light Skylight
dental led light Skylight
dental led light Skylight
dental led light Skylight


New revolution in the highest level of digital LED performance for the curing light history. This item is the best performance LED Curing Light wireless. 

1. Cordless, rechargeable gun type curing light
2. 4 Curing Modes- Turbo, Slow-start, Pulse and Normal mode
3. Available for 2 second curing with Turbo mode
4. 8mm wide guide tip for wide area curing 
5. Only 2 hours charge for 360 times curing
6. Li-ion battery with long lifetime and no memory effect
7. Power indicator set in charge


Output intensity 1,000 ~ 2,800mW/cm2
Transformer input - AC 100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
Transformer output - DC 9V
Wavelength - 440 ~ 490mm
Most powerful & fastest reach upto 2800mW
LCD display with 6 buttons


LED Curing Light is very essential unit for dental professionals. You must use it every single time for bonding. etc. There are so many different choice of Dental LED Curing Light in the market.

Price range is vary depends on the unit. I have seen one unit cost $30 without any test or certification approved. If you are interesting to buy those cheap Chinese made unit, you will soon regret due to reliability and safety. I have seen some dentist purchased it and mad about it. Those are not standing last long and properly work. Please be aware of cheap units.


However, we have the best LED Curing Light for dental professionals. It stand last long, easy, reliable, best result, etc. It has turbo mode that turns lights up to 2800mW in only 2 second.

Also we provide 2 years warranty on the machine. Thanks for the wireless battery rechargeable function. Dmetec is located in South Korea and has own factory and research center along with many dental professionals and engineers. Most people don't know Dmetec but they are OEM company to produce many well known brand products such as 3M ESPE, Vatech, etc.


One of the best company to produce dental machines around the world. Dmetec has highest technology to serve dental professionals. Wireless Led curing light turbo kit is one of the best

product to recommend for you. Please click the picture to see all details and subscribe us for upcoming good products.





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