Dental Implant Broken Screw Removal Kit


-A dental wrench 

-Screw Remove Drill

-Screw Remove Tap 

-Internal Octa 3.1

-Sub.Hex 2.5


-External Hex2.7

-Square Handle 

-Slot Driver (Short & Long )

-Fixture Remove Tap (Internal 16°&Sub.22°&16°Mini)

New Dental Implant Broken Screw Remover Kit


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World best broken screw remover kit for dental implant placement - surgery and restoration.

Slot Driver, Claw Removal, Hand Driver, Internal Guide, Abutment Handle, Tap Repair, Abutment Hex Removal, Ratchet Wrench

Remove broken screws like a boss. Save time because you can't buy time.

Emergency recover kit for dental professionals