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Dental Piezosurgery Units


Piezo surgery Ultrasonic Units in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Dental Piezosurgery units

Bone Graft, Sinus Lift, Block Bone

Medical & Dental Implants Surgery Units

Output Power 60W is Medical Grade

Dental Piezosurgery Unit

Dental & Medical Piezo surgery Units Buying guide


1. Handpiece -  Handpiece is the most important part of the piezo surgery unit. During the

                     operation, it gets heat up on handpiece. Piezo surgery technology is about

                     vibrating tips on handpiece. However, it shouldn't get heat up fast or hight

                     temperature. Because of this issue many competetors never get FDA approval like



2. Output Power - Main unit must deliver the precise power in order to reduce the operation time.

                       Our Piezo surgery unit deliver top power level 60 W - Medical Grade

                       Our Research team found issues on other manufacturer's products. Their        

                       handpice lose output power as user put pressure on it during operation.

                       This increases the rate of failure, higher risk