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Dental xray sensor

Dental Intraoral Sensor Ateco


  • High quality APS CMOS sensor, higher resolution ups to 27 lp/mm in theoretical with different scintillator options.


  • Active area as 22.5 x 30mm for Size 1 / the worldwide average length of molar is 22mm

  • Higher image pixels as a result of pixel size in 18.5μm; Size 1 is 1.9Mega pixels

  • TWAIN driver , the hardware is able to work with any other dental imaging/management

      software as long as it has TWAIN function - VATECH, DEXIS Etc Must check with software developer

  • Comes with a powerful image editing software- with strong and useful processing algorithms.

  • Repair the broken cables to cost down/lower maintenance cost. Ateco sensor is with flexible & robust cable             to lessen the possible cable broken problems; besides, we could do cable replacement if it really happens.

  • some extremely low dose X-ray units (by poor voltage stability & X-ray tube quality),                               Ateco sensor could still works well while some others might even not have images.

  • New launched software APP (iPhone & iPad / Android system will be available soon) to help                                 dentists to create movable dental practice.


Dental Intraoral Sensor Ateco
Dental Intraoral Sensor Ateco
Dental Intraoral Sensor Ateco

Dental xray sensor

Dental X-ray Sensor

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