Dental Piezosurgery Bone Graft Ultrasonic Machine

Dental Piezosurgery Bone Graft Ultrasonic Machine

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    Dental Piezosurgery Piezotome Piezoelectric
    Bone Graft, Bone Delete, Sinus Lift,
    Block Bone, Ridge Split
    Multi-use must have item for dental professionals
    Unidades Piezosurgery Dental
    وحدات Piezosurgery الأسنان
    Unités de piézorchirurgie dentaire
    चिकित्सकीय Piezosurgery इकाइयों
    Unità dentale Piezosurgery
    Unidades Piezosurgery Dental
    واحد دندانپزشکی Piezosurgery
    Стоматологическая Piezosurgery Единицы измерения
    Diş Piezo Cerrahi Üniteleri
    หน่วยทันตกรรม Piezosurgery

    This unit is FDA approved 510(K) Made in Korea.
    One of the best bone surgery unit is made by Korean technology and manufacturered by Korean Professional Research & Development Team

    Dental Implants Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Unit motor

    1. Main unit with LCD touch screen - Menu Selection Mode
    2. Hand piece fit to MECTRON tips
    3. Adapter 110v ~ 240v, 50~60hz
    4. Water tube connect to main unit
    5. Ten Tips - compatible with NSK
    6. Foot switch one touch - Menu Selection Mode
    7. Surgery power level 15.8w~60w
    8. Fast EMS with tracking number
    9. Direct ship from factory triple quality check by manufacturer and seller.
    10. Manual, CD(install guide, case study), padded hard case with handle.
    11. Main Unit Button - Menu Selection Mode

    We are offering best and longest warranty in the market.(2 Year waranty)
    Free shipping with tracking number. Worldwide EMS shipping.
    We do not accept return or refund item. More than 100k items sold around the world.
    Buy it with confidence.
    Dental Implants Piezosurgery Bone Graft Portable Xray Sensor

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