Dental Implant Bone Tack Kit Dental Bone Tac

Dental Implant Bone Tack Kit Dental Bone Tac

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Dental Implant Bone Tack Kit Dental Bone Tac

One Bone Tack Holder, One Case, 5 Bone Tack(5mm), 9 Bone Tack(3mm), One Hexa driver(0.9mm)

This item is being used and popular to use to hold membrane, titanium mesh, wire when you build new bone shape, reconstructive surgery, bone grafting etc.

For dental professionals who does advanced surgery such as bone graft, sinus lift, reconstructive, bone collect, bone compressing etc, must have this item for the best result of surgery. High quality products made by alloy. This item can be used as much as you want and easy to use very aggressive design on products.

  • Details

    Dental Bone Tack Kit
    3mm and 5.2mm length
    Titanium level 4
    Titanium mesh & membrane hold

    الأسنان تك العظام
    стоматологична костна халс
    zubní kost lepivost
    tandheelkundige bot tack
    Zahnärztlichen Knochen Tack
    οδοντιατρική οστών καρφί
    טקטיקת עצם שיניים
    fogászati ​​csont tack
    चिकित्सकीय हड्डी कील
    tack osso dentale
    dental bein tack
    stomatologiczne tack kości
    Aderência do osso dental
    зубная кость галс
    Tachuela de hueso dental
    dentalt ben klibb
    tack xương răng

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