Dental Implant Bone Screw Kit

$1,500.00 Regular Price
$999.99Sale Price
New Dental Implant Bone Fixation Screw Kit
This item is very essential to finish up the bone surgery such as ridge bone, expand, compress, crestal approach, lateral approach, graft, sinus lift, etc
Fixation Screw Kit is made by all titanium and consist of ...

Bone screw 1.5mm Dia - 4mm(9ea), 5mm(6ea), 6mm(3ea), 8mm(3ea), 10mm(3ea), 12mm(3ea)

Bone screw 1.7mm Dia - 4mm(6ea), 5mm(4ea), 6mm(2ea), 8mm(2ea), 10mm(2ea), 12mm(2ea)

Bone screw 2.0mm Dia - 4mm(6ea), 5mm(4ea), 6mm(2ea), 8mm(2ea), 10mm(2ea), 12mm(2ea)

Drill - 1.0mm, 1.3mm, 1.6mm Dia

Driver - Hand driver & contra-angle

Driver Holder


If you are into advanced dental surgery or reconstructive surgery skill, you must have this item for titanium mesh, membrane, artificial bone etc

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