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Dental Implant Broken Screw Removal and Implant Fixture Removal Kit is here for dental professionals

Updated: 6 days ago

Dental Implant Broken Screw Removal Kit

Dental implant surgery is very popular and it is one of the best financial source for dental professionals. However, there are many difficulties depends on different patients like broken screw, metal allergy, etc. Whatever the reason to remove the implant fixture is very hard without right tool. Here is the dental implant broken screw and fixture removal kit for you.

Since I worked for the dental implant company, I have attended numerous liver surgery, hands on surgery, and educational surgery. Usually learn this technique from the Continuing Education sponsored by the dental implant company. The dental implant company and their instructors teach you how to place the implant but they never teach you the complication.

It is completely up to you to handle the various issues. Just imagine one of your patient come back with the broken screw case. What will you do? Call the implant company or instructor?

Well, it looks not professionals to patient. If you can't handle it, you are the one to blame or receive the complain. You don't want to damage your reputation in that community.

With this kit, the situation is under control right away.

You can remove the broken screw and the fixture within few minutes.

Dental Implant Broken Screw Removal Kit

The elements of dental implant broken screw removal kit

Dental implant wrench, screw removal drill, screw remove tap, internal octa 3.1, sub hex 2.5, sub hex 2.1, external hex 2.7, slot driver short, slot driver long, 3 fixture remove tap, hand knob.


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