Dental Broken root drill Extractor Apical Root Fragments drill

This type is the best material Medical stainless steel


Models: Short:34.3mm Long:44.5mm


1.Manufactured from High Quality Medical Grade Stainless Steel, Optimum Performance and Longevity.

2.High Quality Guaranteed.

3.Manual Extractor.

4.Extract apical root fragments easily and safely.

5.Root Fragment Manual Extractors are a simple, inexpensive solution to a complex problem. 6.With these extractors, the alveolus is left undamaged compared to the use of traditional root elevators and forceps.

7.Tapered self-tapping threads ensure a firm grip of the root fragment.

8.Safety eyelets allow for floss tie-off if desired.

9.Fully autoclavable stainless steel.

Quantity: you can choose 1pcs 34.3mm and 1pcs 44.5mm

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