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Best Dental X-ray Machine Prox FDA

Exploring the Features and Specifications of the PROX Dental Portable X-ray Machine

Introduction: Begin by introducing the PROX dental portable X-ray machine as a reliable and advanced tool that has revolutionized dental imaging. Highlight the importance of understanding its features and specifications for dental professionals.

  1. DC High Frequency X-ray Generator: Explain how the PROX utilizes a DC high-frequency X-ray generator, which provides consistent and high-quality X-ray output. Mention the benefits of this technology, such as improved image resolution and reduced exposure time.

  2. X-ray Tube: Discuss the specifications of the X-ray tube, including the tube voltage of 60kV and tube current of 2 mA. Explain the significance of these parameters in terms of image quality and radiation dose.

  3. Anode Type and Angle: Describe the PROX's stationary anode type, which ensures stability during X-ray imaging. Mention the anode angle of 20˚, which influences the X-ray beam's direction and focus.

  4. Focal Spot and Heat Capacity: Explain the focal spot size of 0.8mm, emphasizing its impact on image sharpness and detail. Discuss the heat capacity of 8.5 KHU, which determines the X-ray tube's ability to withstand continuous usage.

  5. Exposure Time Setting: Highlight the exposure time setting range of 0.01 to 1.60 seconds with 0.01-second increments. Discuss how this feature allows precise control over the X-ray exposure, ensuring optimal diagnostic images while minimizing patient radiation exposure.

  6. Total Filtration and SSD: Explain the PROX's total filtration of 1.6 mmAI, which helps attenuate unnecessary X-ray energy, resulting in better image quality and reduced radiation dose to the patient. Mention the SSD (Source-to-Skin Distance) options of 100mm and 200mm with the long cone attachment, providing flexibility in capturing images at different distances.

  7. Portability and Power Requirement: Discuss the PROX's lightweight design, weighing only 2.2kg, making it highly portable for dental professionals. Mention that it is powered by a battery with a DC voltage of 22.2V, enabling cordless operation. Additionally, mention the AC charger with a voltage range of AC 100 ~ 240V, facilitating easy recharging.

  8. Conclusion: Summarize the key specifications of the PROX dental portable X-ray machine and emphasize its importance in modern dental practices. Encourage readers to consider the benefits of such advanced technology for improved patient care and diagnosis. Best Dental X-ray Machine

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