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Best Dental Scanner: Cutting-Edge 3D Imaging for Perfect Crowns, Impressions, and Implants

dental scanner 3d intraoral

Introducing our advanced Dental 3D Scanner, equipped with cutting-edge specifications to deliver exceptional imaging and performance in the field of dentistry.

Using scanning technology with coded structured light, our scanner ensures precise and accurate scans of the oral cavity. The anti-fog system, featuring intelligent heating, guarantees clear and fog-free scanning even during challenging conditions.

With an impressive accuracy of 15 micrometers and a precision of 10 micrometers, our scanner captures even the finest details with utmost precision. The lightweight handpiece, weighing only 228g, offers excellent maneuverability and comfort during scanning procedures.

Designed with a sleek dimension of 216x40x36mm, our scanner features an enclosure made of aviation aluminum alloy, ensuring durability and longevity. The generous scan field of 18x16mm and a scan depth of 0-15mm provide comprehensive coverage for a wide range of dental applications.

Experience true color full HD imaging, allowing for accurate visualization of dental structures. The scanner includes three types of interchangeable tips (N/M/D) for versatile scanning options. With a set of five autoclavable tips, maintaining proper hygiene is effortless.

Our scanner incorporates an automatic calibrator for hassle-free calibration and scanning control buttons for seamless operation. The motion sensor enables convenient hands-free scanning, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Connectivity is a breeze with the USB 3.0 data interface, ensuring fast and reliable data transfer. The included 2-meter cable provides flexibility and ease of use during scanning sessions.

For optimal performance, we recommend a computer with an Intel i7-8700 or higher CPU, an NVIDIA GTX1060 GPU, and DDR2400 memory. The recommended hard disk is a 120GB SSD for efficient data storage and retrieval. Enjoy a high-definition display with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels for crystal-clear visualization of scanned models.

With its exceptional specifications and recommended computer setup, our Dental 3D Scanner offers the utmost precision, efficiency, and convenience in dental imaging, empowering dental professionals to provide top-quality care and accurate treatment planning. Elevate your practice with our advanced scanner and embrace the future of digital dentistry.

best dental scanner 3d intraoral


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