How Do I Place An Order?

It's easy to place an order. Please click Products on menu. You will see products line up. Click on what you want to order. On the top right side you will see cart button. After finishing your shopping, click on Cart on menu. You will see all items you have choose. Finally, click check out. We accept VISA, MASTER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER

For your reference, See attached Order processing below.

Payment and Shipping


We ship item by EMS(5 ~ 7 business days) wolrdwide after receiving your payment. 

Tracking number and commercial invoice will be sent to email address you have enter on order form.



IWe provide the longest and best warranty for all main unit in the world. We cover main unit for two years of warranty. We are confidence and proud to provide the best warranty. Each item comes with serial number so that we can track down and record your item information. Please contact us for any issue or concern. We will be more than happy to assist you. Warranty avoid if seal is broken or opened in any occation.


   How Do I Place An Order

Make a payment without Paypal Account(Credit card)

After Clicking "Add to cart", cart number will increse.


Click "CART"

Choose "Country"

Click "Check out"

Send us your inquiry below, we will contact you shortly.

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