Dental Implant Motor Touch Contra-angle Brush-less Implant Motor

Dental Implant Motor Touch Contra-angle Brush-less Implant Motor

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    Dental Implant Motor - Touch Screen

    Fast and accurate implant motor for dental professionals.

    This system fits all dental implant brands around the world.

    The most effective and time saving method for dental practices.

    GP, Perodontists, Endodontist, Prosthodontist, and Oral Surgeon.

    • Max Power 150w
    • Power Supply AC230V 50/60Hz
    • Speed 300 ~ 4000 rpm
    • Torque 5 ~ 80 Ncm
    • Water Supply 4 blocks adjustable 150ml/min
    • Light source illumination 3000 lux
    • Motor Surgical brushless motor with LED
    • Contra angle20:1 fiber optic handpiece
    • Volume 42 x 38 x 26cm
    • Weight 5.5kg
    • Package Aluminium Box


    • Full touch big screen - fast response
    • Graphical planting process selection 
    • Ad hoc separate irrigation procedures for ease of use
    • Built in water supply system
    • Torque upto 80 Ncm
    • LED 30000 LUX
    • Multifunctional Pedal Controller

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