Dental Bone Tacks Dental Bone Tac

Dental Bone Tacks Dental Bone Tac

$400.00 Regular Price
$250.00Sale Price

Dental Bone Tacks Dental Bone Tac
3mm / 5.2mm Length Titanium made
Please specify the lenghth on order form
Hex on top of the head
High quality titanium heat surface treatment
Super strong and hold membrane and titanium mesh
Higher surgery success rate for dental professionals

  • Details

    Dental Bone Tack Replacement 10 tacks in a pack

    Dental Bone Tacks are helping dental professionals for following surgery process - Bone Graft, Sinus, Reconstructive, Injury, Plastic, & Accident Surgery.

    Tacks hold Titanium mesh, Membrane, Artificial Bone

    Oral surgeon, Orthodontist, Periodontist, Prosthodontist, GP with advanced level pro, VET

    10 tacks in a pack ship to worldwide fast EMS shipping with tracking numbers

    This items are consumable and replacement for dental bone constructive surgery

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