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Best Dental Xray Sensors

Updated: Jun 26

  • Total Implant Dental Xray Sensors Size 1.5 Twain Driver Compatible

  • Carestream 6100 Dental X ray Sensor Size 1 - Refurblished

  • Vatech Dental X-ray Sensor Size 1.5

  • Gendex Dental X ray Sensors Size 1 and 2

  • HDR Dental X ray Sensor Size 1 or 2


Dental Xray sensor is a very useful dental equipment for dental professionals. Most of the dental x ray sensors provide similar results. There are many different brands however we have to think about Return On Investment(ROI) In order to find the best dental xray sensor, these are few things you need to consider and research.

  1. Annual Fee

  2. Software Limitation

  3. Length of the cable

  4. Durability

  5. O/S system

  6. Compatibility - other sensor software / Client management software

  7. Price

  8. User Friendly Editing Software

  9. Size 1, 1.5, 2

  1. Annual Fee - Annual Fee is vary depends on brands like Dexis, Gendex, Carestream Kodak dental x ray sensor. You will pay the annual fee for using software their brand name

  2. Software Limitation - Vatech, Totalimplant, HDR, Jazz, Ateco, Clio dental xray Sensors don't have limitation to install software on your computers. You can install software as much as you want. This will help you if you travel or mobile dentist. Some mobile dentists like locum, periodontists, implant surgeon bring this sensor with a Tablet computer.

  3. Length of the cable - Since there is cordless dental xray sensor, dental professionals need to consider to get the enough length of the cable. Usually, it starts from 1 meter upto 3 meter.

  4. Durability - Some dental x ray sensors provide waterproofed technology.

  5. O/S System is another factor to consider. For example, Vatech EZsensor only works on Windows 7 Operating System.

  6. Compatibility - compatibility is very important because you may use different client management software and may not be compatible with the editing software.

  7. Price is always important for your Return on Investment. Cheapest dental xray sensor will give you so much trouble.

  8. You need to use the editing software all the time. It should be user friendly.

  9. Size 1 is for children, 1.5 is universal, 2 is for adults but sometimes size 2 is used for veterinary dental x ray sensor for small pets.

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