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Dental Piezosurgery Unit Bone Grafting and Sinus Lifting  A dental piezosurgery unit is a specialized tool used by dentists to perform precise, minimally invasive surgical procedures on the teeth and surrounding tissue. It utilizes piezoelectric technology, which generates high-frequency vibrations to delicately cut through bone and soft tissue without causing damage to surrounding structures. One of the main benefits of using a piezosurgery unit is that it allows for more precise control and accuracy during surgery, reducing the risk of complications and promoting faster healing times. The unit also produces less heat and trauma to the surrounding tissue, making it an ideal choice for procedures involving sensitive areas such as the gums or supporting structures of the teeth. In addition to its surgical applications, the dental piezosurgery unit can also be used for a variety of other treatments, including contouring and reshaping of the gums, removal of excess tissue, and preparation of the bone for dental implants. Overall, the dental piezosurgery unit is an essential tool for dentists looking to provide their patients with the most advanced and minimally invasive surgical treatments available.


圧電手術装置を使用する主な利点の 1 つは、手術中のより正確な制御と精度が可能になり、合併症のリスクが軽減され、治癒時間が短縮されることです。また、このデバイスは熱の発生が少なく、周囲の組織へのダメージも少ないため、歯茎や歯の支持構造などの敏感な領域の処置に理想的です。







超音波歯のクリーニングで歯垢に別れを告げましょう まばゆいばかりの笑顔は強力な資産ですが、健康な歯と歯茎を維持するには定期的なケアと注意が必要です。 簡単なブラッシングやデンタルフロスからより高度な方法まで、多数の歯のクリーニングツールとテクニックが口腔の健康を維持します。 このブログでは、革新的で効果的な方法の 1 つである超音波歯科クリーニングに焦点を当てます。 超音波歯の洗浄と歯垢除去剤が口


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