Adult Horseshoe
3 Point Headrest Clamp
Mayfield & Moro Compatible
Swivel Headrest with Hard Case

Mayfield adult swivel horseshoe 3 point headrest clamp


New revolution in the highest level 3 Point Swivel Neuro Headrest Clmap history.

This item is the best performance Adult Horseshoe Headrests Kit Compatible with Mayfield & Moro. 

1. Swivel adaptor and pivot adapter to use depends on case
2. Level rotation angle for the pivot adaptor or swivel adaptor
3. Vertical Plane angle for the pivot adapter 0'~90' swivel adaptor 0'
4. Made of high quality aluminum alloy, surface-hardening treatment 
5. Quick Release Lock
6. With pressure mark
7. The distance of the threaded  hole on transitional member is 190~590mm

8. U shaped head support material - Medical silica gel


Vertical and lateral adjustment allows flexibility in proper positioning with angle

Provides adjustable medical silica gel base accomodates various head size

Fluid resistant Medical silica gel gives comfort and reduce the incidence of pressure necrosis

Proper positioning of the patient enables the surgeon to have adequate access and decreases the need for repositioning of the patient during surgical procedures




Adult Horseshoe Swivel 3 Point Headrest Clamp Compatible with Mayfield & Moro

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